Hello! Thanks for visiting my site. Here you can find and buy a soundtrack for your media project. A few words about me. My name is Oleg and I'm a music producer and composer behind the StlabStudioMusic. My tracks are licensed exclusively through Audiojungle. Audiojungle is one of the world's largest platforms for licensing music for videos and media. It's a part of Envato Marketplace, which is one of the most trusted and popular places to buy digital products online. If You need background music for your project - you're on the right way. StlabStudioMusic portfolio includes over 150 produced compositions in various genres, more than 1500 copies sold, and a five-star rating from satisfied customers. I hope here You can find the soundtrack You like.
If you need more information about Royalty-Free music and licensing you can find it here: FAQ.
You can download an audio preview file (with a watermark) absolutely free. And if the music suits your project, you can buy it.

Here you can find the perfect soundtrack for your media project

Stlabstudiomusic portfolio contains a lot of music of different genres, such as corporate, ambient, cinematic, epic, synthwave, and much more. Often tracks have 2 or more (up to 5) alternative versions. Music is divided into categories for your convenience. If you need a custom version of the track you like - please contact me. Here you can browse tracks by categories:


Watch stlabstudio music in action. New videos are added to the Youtube channel every week. If you want to find the music used in promo videos - just click to the "Youtube" icon located inside the player, and find the link to the soundtrack inside the description below the video.
Silent Night ( Dark Epic Version ) | Dark Christmas Music | Dark Orchestral Music | Royalty Free

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Ethnic Chill Ambient Background Music | Music For Travel Video | Dream on | Royalty Free

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Cyberpunk Background Music for Videos And Gaming | Cyberpunk Club Music | Royalty Free | Cybercity

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Cinematic Dubstep Background Music | Epic Dubstep Music | I Can Do This All Day | Royalty Free

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Dystopian Future Cinematic Backround Music [ Royalty Free ] | Inspired by Blade Runner 2049

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Background Music For Science Fiction Videos And Podcasts | Out Of Nowhere | Royalty Free

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Q: What is 'Royalty-Free' music? Is it really Free?

There’s a lot of confusing information about royalty-free music. A common mistake is thinking that if a track is labeled Royalty-Free it's free to use. This is not correct. The Royalty-Free business model means that you have paid for once and use the music for as long as desired.
The term is in opposition to “Rights-Managed” licensing where the purchaser pays royalties (fee) according to the number of times it will be used. With “Rights-Managed” licensing would need to pay a fee every time the music is used.

Q: How can I purchase a license?

It's simple! You just need to go to the store (Audiojungle), find a track that you want to buy and click the "Buy Now" button. To find your license after purchasing you need to log in to your Audiojungle account and click on the downloads tab. Then, find the track you have purchased. Next to it, click on “Download”.

Q: Can I use the same track in multiple projects?

The short answer is - no. The license allows the music to be used in a single project. That means that if you want to use the same track on another project, you will need to pay another licensing fee.

Q: May I use your music for free if I just give you a credit?

If you want to use our music in your project legally, you need to buy a license.

Q: I downloaded the preview file, why is the voice saying, “AudioJungle”?

That is the AudioJungle watermark that prevents piracy. When a license is purchased, a version without the watermark will be made available to download.

Need to know:

Even if you buy a license, musical intellectual property and copyright still belong to the original composer. So you cannot use music or its part into another music track intended to be sold again. For example, you cannot license a music track from the store, rearrange it or sing a new vocal on it, and sell it as your own. You also cannot repackage it to be sold as another stock item.

Types of licenses

There are several types of licenses: Standard, Broadcast (1 million), Mass Reproduction, Broadcast (10 million), and Broadcast & Film. To choose the right one please see detailed info at the store FAQ.
More info about Royalty-Free music you can find HERE.


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